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BD Outdoors X Haggard Pirate Limited Edition Clothing Collab

In the fishing industry, there are certain brands that represent the true grit of being a fisherman. BD Outdoors was founded by hardcore fishing fanatics with a wild obsession for the ocean and all its treasures. As the younger generation moves up the ranks, BD is making moves to collaborate with brands that align with our vision. We could not be more stoked to partner up with Haggard Pirate to bring our community and epic line of limited edition apparel that showcases the staples of being part of the BD Outdoors Community.

Haggard Pirate is a Southern California based apparel brand that dominates the market. This family owned company was started by two brothers who come from a family of sea dwellers from Seal Beach, California. Their passion for fishing and respect for the fishing community led them to start a brand that produces the best quality apparel that lasts on and off the water.

Though the fishing community may seem large, the dedicated fishermen all know each other. Upon meeting the Haggard Pirate team, we connected the dots on multiple mutual friends, similar fishing experiences, and similar lifestyles. This clothing collaboration was created from shared stories between the Haggard Pirate and BD Outdoors crews. From sportboats to private boats, countless cases of beers, and fish holds plugged to the top, Haggard Pirate and BD Outdoors eat, sleep and breath the lifestyle of the true fisherman.

The first tee, “Tell The Tale,” is a design created from sharing stories of near death experiences on the water. As avid fishermen, we have all seen some crazy things offshore. From injuries to boat crashes, this tee represents how gnarly being a fisherman really is. In the end, we are all still alive to tell the tale of our close calls while fishing.

The second tee, “Captain’s Work,” pays tribute to the Southern California fisherman who is not afraid to push the limits in a small boat. Whether it be cow bluefin, boat limits of yellowtail, yellowfin or dorado, this design represents those captains who stop at nothing to plug the fish hold.

Both t-shirt designs come with the BD X HP signature logo on the front left chest. This unique collaboration logo cannot be found anywhere else in the world. This belongs to us, the true community of avid fishermen. 

The fishing community is growing with the new wave of younger fishermen taking control of the helm. With guidance and knowledge from the older generation, we are striving to expand the scope of the fishing industry while still respecting the values and tradition that we learned as young anglers. This collaboration between BD Outdoors and Haggard Pirate represents the lifestyle of sun torched, beer chugging, foul mouthed fishermen that will do anything it takes to make a name for themselves in this industry.